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A poem for the moment September 18, 2007

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                                Tears are Falling-By Leslia Quiverly

Our tears fall down our faces as we remember those who fought.

Breathless,we sheath our swords,as we defeated what we sought.

Too many lives were lost,as our city was under siege.

The horrible thing about it,is the wounded one is our liege.

Our city is lost,the walls are crumbled. I shake my fists at the sky.

All the women sob on their knees,as they barely choke out “Why,oh Why”?

So many people lie dead by the gates.

Our enemies surely hate.

As we grieve our loss of the people and city,we say one last thing.

“They shall pay,for we have pity”.



all is well that ends well September 17, 2007

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Rin won,yes,it is true. Our city is torn apart,but we won. The Lord protected us against that Evil Kingdom…

Thats all for now,tears shall fall-



Oh No!

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The Kingdom of Rin is under siege! Tredble is attacking us! We aren’t ready! This may be the end!



By Leslia Quiverly September 16, 2007

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My name is Leslia Quiverly,and thine’s name? I could not guess. Shall I tell thee about myself?

I live in a castle in the Kingdom of Rin,and I have two siblings. I am not a normal female,I like to slay dragons.

Another thing about myself is that I like to write,perhaps I shall include some of my short stories and poems in this advanced ingenious thing. I hardly know how to use it!

My name is Leslia Quiverly,and I shall say no more



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This blog is for poetry,and dragon slaying. So,draw your swords!